After Genocide : from Trauma to Rebirth : a Gendered Perspective - September 17-18-19th 2016 - Yerevan


Organised by Women in War (Paris) in partnership with the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography in Yerevan and AGBU (Armenian General Benevolent Union).

This unique conference, After Genocide : from Trauma to Rebirth : a Gendered Perspective,  brings together international researchers and activists united by their commitment to documenting the gender dimension in past and present genocides. The study of the particular experiences of women in historical genocides such as the Armenian Genocide of 1915 and the Holocaust have only recently emerged, and even scarcer are considerations of the way these events have affected the descendants of such events, be it on the side of victims or that of perpetrators.


For three intense days at AGBU we shall hear, in Armenian, English and French, historians, sociologists, anthropologists, psychologists, lawyers, artists writers and activists who bring together their experiences and research : the intersection of their work will bring a unique dimension to this conference.

Recognized massacres with a genocidal purpose and mass expropriations generating exile from a gendered perspective will form the starting point of this conference. These will include the Armenian genocide, the Holocaust, Nanking, the genocides in Bosnia and Rwanda, mass killings in D.R. Congo, Cambodia, Central America, the Middle-East. At the core of these explorations, an attempt to build bridges between comparable experiences.
Questions on ongoing genocide will also be asked, including legally sanctioned reparations. We shall consider the fate of Yazidis, that of Christians in the Middle-East, the long-term consequences of chemical warfare (as in Vietnam), potentially genocidal policies (as in Turkey regarding the Kurdish population), the plight of widows, the possibilities of reconciliation in preventing the recurrence of genocide.

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